Bruno Miranda

“Robusto” / Age 29 / Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

When you’re ready for war the battle doesn’t phase you. If you’d like to sponsor/advertise in Asia and or to the World please contact us directly.

Born and raised in a Rio De Janeiro Favela, life was far from easy for Bruno. At around 6 years old he started to study capoeira, which he continued for many years.

At 15 he stepped up the training and had a fight just one month after, and a dream was born. As travel was costly and it took around 2 hours each way he cleaned the gym and slept on the floor there. He says,” Imagine you have nothing, it means everything you want you must fight for, and that’s what I do!” An exciting fighter who always sets out to put on a show it’s evident his career is on the rise.

He is well respected by fellow fighters, matchmakers and fans alike. He is known for his powerful kicks, creativity and warrior spirit.